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Age: 53 years old
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My Personality
They say that i am...:

But i think that in fact i am...:

What you should know about me!: If I Was... I would Be...

Listening to Music:
Listen to Classic Rock

Choosing a Season:
Choose Summer

Going on a First date:
Like to go to a Coffehouse

Going to a Movie:

The kind of car I would be is::
a Ferrari...sleek and fast

Would you date someone with an STD?:

Would you date someone with a disability?:
Depends on the severity of the disability

My Interests
Its ok.. Literature

I don't Enjoy Shopping

I Enjoy Movies

Its ok.. Sports

I Enjoy Travel

I Enjoy Wine/Cuisine/Restaurants

Its ok.. Music/Concerts

I Enjoy Ocean & Beach Activities

I Enjoy Mountain Sports

I Enjoy Adventure travel

I Enjoy Health and Fitness

I Enjoy Anything under wild blue skies!

Its ok.. Skiing

Its ok.. Sailing

I Enjoy Biking

I Enjoy Hiking/Camping

I Enjoy Hunting/Fishing

I don't Enjoy Dancing

I Enjoy Museum/Arts/Theater

I Enjoy Home Improvement/Auto repair

I don't Enjoy TV/Couch potato

Its ok.. Scuba Diving

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