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Connect with people near you for friendship & romance via our internet dating services and adult photo personals. Connectioncove.com offers profiles,email, chat, IM's and more! 100% Free!
In todayís high technology world it is easier than ever before to connect with singles near you for friendship, romance or just some good old fashioned entertainment via our internet dating services and adult photo personals. At ConnectionCove.com we offer adult photo personal ads, email, blogs, chat, IM's and more! Always 100% Free!

We believe "no one should be limited", and we are confident that by joining our internet dating service and posting your adult photo personal, you will not only meet great people, but have fun doing it! As our site grows, look for not only an ever-increasing number of members to connect with, but it is our hope we will be your source for information on pertinent topics related to online dating via bulletins, newsletters and open forums.

Connection Cove offers email, IM and chat rooms to get you started in finding that special someone! We take pride in being user friendly to many niche groups and our adult photo personals might be just the right fit for you, whether it is herpes dating, gay dating or just your average person looking for a better fit. We feel this is the place for you, and invite you to join us in what we believe will become one of the truly unique internet dating services. And since itís a free dating site, what have you got to lose!
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