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"FAQ" stands for "Frequently Asked Questions," and because they are usually common questions we have answered them in this section. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for here, please email us so we can help you!

In our efforts to ensure that continues to grow into one of the best dating sites for the diverse groups of members that utilize free dating sites on the web, we are continually compiling information to make it easier to navigate through the various functions of this site. Many adult dating sites have very similar functions, but each may have subtle differences, so it’s best to read through these FAQ’s frequently as things may change.

We understand that there are many online dating sites available on the web and we are competing against some of the best dating sites that the internet has to offer, but it is our hope that our unique approach to building a venue for the masses and providing information on a number of important topics will make your choice among free dating sites.

Is this site really free?

Yes! Sure is! The owners of this site just wanted to give people an alternative to the high priced adult dating sites, without losing any of the functions that members look for. We are hoping to cover expenses by means of advertising revenues as the site continues to grow. In order to give our members the best online dating experience we must constantly upgrade and keep up with technology, so if we are ever forced to find other methods of generating revenues, those members that helped us in the beginning by joining will always be able to regard this as a free dating site. .

How can I put pictures in my Profile?

On ConnectionCove you can add your photos by going to your homepage (you can click on the homepage link) and then click on add photos! You can place an Icon photo that other members will see first when doing searches. This Icon photo is not expandable when clicked upon, however the same photo can be used in the add or change photo section as well. Please pay attention to the size of these files as their limits are displayed in that section.

Audio & Video

Audio and Video clips may be added to enhance your profile. Please pay attention to the size of these files as their limits are displayed in that section as well. Some of the best dating sites have this feature but not many of the free dating sites offer this.

Photo Gallery

You may add up to 5 photos in the photo gallery section. These photos will link to your profile. It is a great chance to show other members what activities you enjoy or anything that is important to you. We are an adult dating sites, but still, lets not get too crazy with our pictures, (this means no nudity)!

How can I search for other Members?

On ConnectionCove as on many online dating sites, there are a variety of ways to view and contact other members. Our database is growing so although you may search by country, region, city or zip code, it might be best to use a larger general area initially. Quick search allows you to search via many criteria, including nickname, new members, online members etc. Just click on the quick search link and get started. The Advanced search feature allows for you to refine your search to specific criteria.

How can I use the Chat Room?

Our Chat Rooms are Java based, as this seems to be the most common and fun type in use at this time. In many instances you may have to go to Sun Micro systems and download This is not part of our site and we assume no liability for what you download. If you do not have the Java system you will not be able to get into the chat room.

How do I use the IM feature?

Just click on the IM link and the small IM box will pop up. You can add members that you want to contact by clicking the add button at the bottom of this window. If you can’t see the “add” or “close” buttons, just enlarge the box a bit. When you click on the name of the user you want to IM another box will appear with full IM and profile capability. If you have a pop-up blocker, youmay have to diable it to allow the IM screen to appear

We will continue to add FAQ’s as members keep asking questions. Thanks so much for your input and valuable questions..

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