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Here at we believe there is a balance between a productive search on this free dating site for the perfect mate or a new friend and keeping safe at all times. In the privacy of our homes, with a strong mug of Coffee in our hand and a computer screen shielding us from the rest of the cyberworld, it is all too easy to be lulled into a false sense of security whether this is a free dating site or an expensive venue. Now you might ask, is it possible for me to be spontaneous without endangering life and limb? Our answer is a resounding “YES”—so long as you let your good instincts guide your actions. This is why we offer this free dating advice. Whether you are targeting a specific niche such as asian dating, STD dating, etc, or just need something different, the following tips are directed at all online dating participants.

It is certainly not our aim to scare you with this free dating advice or to deter you from taking the online dating plunge. That would be counter-productive to our interests, right? But as responsible webmasters (and because we truly love you! more or less!), we do feel obligated to remind you, well, not to do anything stupid on this or any free dating site!

In our rush to find the person with whom we may live happily ever after with like Cinderella and the Prince, or perhaps just a great new friend, we may throw too much caution to the wind (and, frankly, the wind doesn’t need caution as much as you do! Remember, this is Free Dating Advice). Now is the time to use your dating radar. Now is the time when a bit of “paranoia” can actually be healthy. We remind you that this site has a very broad spectrum of users, remember when we told you about Asian dating, STD or Herpes dating and many other specific types of users who come together on this free dating site.

Do you remember the words of wisdom your mother gave you when she first sent you out into the cold, cruel world? (Things like looking both ways before crossing the street…). Well we don’t claim to be your mother (and it wasn’t us who put those extra Twinkies in your lunch box!), but in an effort to maximize your well being, without compromising your enjoyment, we offer the following tips and dating advice.

Tip # 1

It is perfectly fine to reveal your first name in the early stages of your correspondence with an internet stranger. Beyond that, however, please use caution. Think to yourself, is it prudent to tell someone who you don't know from Adam (or Eve!) your last name, your home address, your work address or your telephone number? (The correct answer is NO). You should even think twice about divulging your personal e-mail address at first. Until you feel extremely comfortable with the other person, it is best to use the screen name designed for that purpose.

Tip # 2

Honesty is still the best policy. Let’s face it, when you are typing away from a distance, it is easy to mislead (that’s a euphemism, we really mean LIE!) about yourself. Do not give in to the temptation of becoming “someone else” when telling your life story. Eventually, they will find out that you are not Paris Hilton or Brad Pitt (and if you just can’t help it, may we suggest therapy to find out who you really are?) Honesty breeds honesty. Stick to the truth and, chances are, the other person will follow suit.

Tip # 3

Have you ever spoken to a business contact on the phone - - and then when you met them, they looked entirely different from the way you had pictured? Exchanging a current photo (not the one taken at the beach 20 years ago when you were young, skinny and cute!) is a good way to determine whether you are attracted to the other person. But it is a good safety measure too. The rule of thumb is: if the photo you are sent looks uncannily like the one you just saw at the local Post Office (under the caption Wanted, Dead or Alive), perhaps you should discontinue your correspondence with this person.

Tip # 4

It is not a smart idea to be alone with someone you have just met. When arranging your first (or even second or third) meeting with a person, make it clear that you intend to meet in a public place and arrange all transportation on your own. Do not under any circumstances get into your date’s car (not even if it’s a Roll Royce!) or set foot into his/her apartment or allow him to set foot in yours. It is also wise to advise a friend or relative where you will be. Do not let anyone pressure you into doing anything you are not comfortable doing. Err on the side of caution and all will be well!
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